Windows Application Development

Window Phone Platform developed by Giant PC maker Microsoft. Window Phone Platform has full support for Microsoft office applications like Word , Excel etc for mobile devices.

Window Phone has both Mobile phone devices and Tablet also named Window Surface. Its Live Tiles are the most innovative feature in the latest edition of this Platform OS, Which update themselves in Realtime providing ease of access to data which otherwise has to be mined inside by going in some menu then in some sub-menu etc.

Window Phone has latest Windows Phone 8 OS. We develop the Application for both Older Versions till Windows Phone 7.x and for Windows Phone 8, so that applications made can be implementable on Window Phone mobile and Window Phone Surface tablet easily. If you had already had developed an app for Older Version of Windows Mobile device, we recommend to update your application for Window Phone 8 Edition with full touch support & get developed your application for Window Phone Tablets.

There is a Good Scope of having an app developed on Windows phone platform for your Idea or for Business & Entrepreneurial Opportunities. For businesses Window Phone Store/Marketplace has a lot of apps that are under utilities, fun, entertainment, Games & much more …. With our Vast custom window phone app development experience, we help you to make your Idea from dream to Reality, Give us chance.

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Advantages of developing Window Phone apps for your Business :

  • Easy & Fast Synchronize your contacts with outlook, Live ID, or Microsoft Windows PC Operating System.
  • Easy to use OS with Live Tiles Support.
  • Windows Phone 8 has true background multitasking with Back Button.
  • Future of Payment, NFC Compatible Devices enable a long usage life with updating technologies.
  • Apps like Live Tiles, Outlook sync, Word Excel etc makes seamless usage of device with Windows PCs.
  • Best commerce Opportunity for your Products or Services.

We Design & Develop Mobile Application Softwares for platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, MeeGo, Blackberry, Java(j2me), Cross Platform, QT etc. Both Web based & Remote Installable Application Softwares.

Have a Window Phone app development idea or Need Business Quality Window Phone app developed we can provide our Large experience & technical expertise to help you succed in your idea or grow your Business.